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Global Aircraft Solutions was incorporated in 2009 under the laws and regulations of the State of Florida (USA) as a solution to the civil and military aviation market.


Our Network.

Our office is strategically located in Miami, FL.

It allows us to provide an excellent service to the entire Latin American and Caribbean market, thanks to our commercial alliances, such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Casa, Schweizer, FlyRight, Flight Safety, ATC and more.

We design logistics and maintenance support programs customize to your needs.



Urban Surveillance

Light and medium helicopters configurations, with 357 NM (660 km) range.



Helicopters and fix wing aircraft upgrade and avionics modernization.



Inspections and service bulletins accomplishment capability.


Logistical Support

AOG’s parts and spare parts sales for both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts.



Aircraft rental (helicopters) with programs focusing on your needs.

Urban Surveillance.

No matter how big or small governments are, they must take primary responsibility in protecting their citizens.

With serious security threats, cities offer a particular set of vulnerabilities that are difficult to address. It is because of this that the Military Forces must have an ideal deterrent system for operations at low altitude in urban areas or close to the city, which allows the development of tactical missions (both day and night) like intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, SAR and ground forces coordination.


In response to this need, we offer a surveillance system with digital video, audio, and meta-data transmission ideal for low and medium altitudes operations, which is highly used in cities such as New York, Puerto Rico, and several states of Canada.

This mission system is mounted on a rotary wing platform (Bell 407), which provides coverage of 590 km around.

Vigilancia Urbana



For vertical lift aircraft demand with higher safety margins,

Global Aircraft Solutions has developed an upgrade program for the UH-1H helicopter to provide increased performance, reliability, and safety in a cost-effective modernization program. This upgrade program will generate a NEW HUEY II helicopter that will compete with and outperform today's newly manufactured aircraft with the highest Cost-Benefit. The helicopter increases its maximum weight (Gross weight) from 10,500 lbs to 11,200 lbs and additionally:


  • Reduces ground maintenance times, while increasing the time between overhauls of various powertrain components.
  • Reduction of Pilots load, thanks to its modernized avionics improvement.
  • Increased missions range.
  • increased VNE.
  • Increased Payload.
  • Increased IGE Hover Capability.
  • Increased OGE Hover Capability.


Modernization and upgrade focuses on four aspects:

1. Structural upgrade

  • Nose of 212
  • High Landing Gear
  • BLR FastFin™ System
  • Complete Structural Inspection

2. Cabin Refurbishment

  • Installation of noise insulation blankets
  • Protective floor mat installation
  • Installation of external LED lights

3. Avionics Modernization

  • FIS PFD and MFD displays (GARMIN)
  • TCAD Traffic Collision Advisory
  • MVP-50T Monitoring Systems (Engines, Hydraulic and Fuel)
  • Electrical Rewiring

4. Components Upgrade

  • Main Transmission
  • 42 ° and 90 ° Gear boxes
  • Main and tail rotor blades


CASA 212 (Aviocar)

Global Aircraft Solutions has the capability to provide the following services:

CASA 212 Services

  • Review technical records and maintenance status.
  • 8Y + 6Y + 4Y + 2Y and 6C + 4C Inspections compliance.
  • Compliance with Corrosion Control Program.
  • General painting.
  • Compliance with Service Bulletins and AD’s.
  • Structural Repairs.
  • Engineering support.
  • Installation of modifications and STC's.
  • Logistic coordination for major components repair (Engines, Propellers, and Landing gear) through the agreements with our workshops net and the manufacturer.


Logistical support

Within Global Aircraft Solutions's network of providers, there are company agreements for the search and supply of required parts for A-29 Super Tucano aircraft.

Vigilancia Urbana


  • Attention to operational needs.
  • AOG dispatch handling (72 hours)
  • Parts and cargo consolidation in Miami forwarders, which allows cost optimization.
  • Support 7/24.
  • Parts kits configuration for the fulfillment of maintenance services.
  • CASA extended warranty.


Aircraft Rental

Helicopters programs customized to your needs

Cantidad y Modelos

1. Quantity and Models

Through Global Aircraft Solutions Leasing program, we offer a simple and efficient system where the definition of the required aircraft or fleet is made - Quantity and Model.

Cantidad y Modelos

2. Configuration

The aircraft configuration is defined according to the required mission (Medevac, SAR, Fire Fighting, Surveillance, Off Shore, VIP, etc.)

Cantidad y Modelos

3. Flight Hours

The flight hours per month and the level of availability required are established.

Cantidad y Modelos

4. Complements Selection

The selection of program complements is made, such as: Training, Standardization of operations, Logistic Support, Engineering and Reliability, OJT maintenance, etc.

Cantidad y Modelos

5. Fix Price

Setting the rate per flight hour and the aircraft minimum permanence (in years) according to the requirements and configuration selection of the previous points.

Cantidad y Modelos

6. Signing

Signing the Leasing agreement and starting the program.


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